Moonlight, Wolf, Frederic Remington, 1909


kill the current notion of villains needing to be human at the end of the day.

bring back villains that killed because they enjoyed blood on their hands.

give me villains that destroy cities because of boredom.

give me narcissistic villains that destroy others because they never compare to themselves.

give me bad guys that no one wants to empathise with.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt book covers set (not really.. but click for bigger sizes!)

When you live in the dark for so long, you begin to love it. And it loves you back, and isn’t that the point? You think, the face turns to the shadows, and just as well. It accepts, it heals, it allows.

But it also devours.

— Carver, Raymond. Late Fragment.
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Figure with a Laurel Wreath, Herbert James Draper

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werewolf heart

Little red riding hood I’d like to hold you if I could but you might think I’m a big bad wolf so I won’t.

Jane Levy and Margaret Qualley in a halloween film about monsters, college, secrets and love. 

lil shitty soundtrack here.

100 Actual Titles of Real Eighteenth-Century Novels



More Ghosts!

"The Spectres, Or, Lord Oswald And Lady Rosa, Including An Account Of The Marchioness Of Cevetti Who Was Basely Consigned To A Dungeon Beneath Her Castle By Her Eldest Son, Whose Cruel Avarice Plunged Him Into The Commission Of The Worst Of Crimes, That Stains The Annals Of The Human Race"

Pierre Julien, Gladiateur mourant (detail)

I play Laure, who is a cop. Seven years ago, she lived with Julie. They seemed to be a very happy and solid couple. Since then, Laure’s life is at a standstill, because she’s still madly in love with Julie. - Alix Poisson [x]

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    Johan Christian Dahl - View of Dresden by Moonlight (1839)
    Oil on canvas, detail shown